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Dr. 90210 – Sixth Season Better than Ever?

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By now, you have watched at least one episode of Dr. 90210 on E! Television Network. Maybe you tune in Monday evenings because you enjoy seeing how a busy plastic ... Read more..

Plastic Surgery: When to Know You’re Really Ready

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Tuck ‘N’ Stitch features two eminent plastic surgeons -- Dr. Stuart Linder and Dr. Robert Kotler -- in Beverly Hills, the global Mecca of rejuvenation surgery. Here, we know Dr. ... Read more..

Plastic Surgery by a Team

Thursday, September 4th, 2008 Posted in Tuck n Stitch | No Comments »

Tuck 'N' Stitch Two eminent Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, Dr. Stuart Linder and Dr. Robert Kotler, appear here most weeks with wise words for plastic surgery consumers. Dr. Kotler is our “FaceDocBlogger” ... Read more..

A “Botox Bandit?”

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 Posted in Face, Non-Surgical | No Comments »

Did you hear the story about the "Botox Bandit" - the Florida woman who bolted before paying up for her Botox ®, claiming she had left her credit card ... Read more..