Andropause – Male Menopause

Although not often heard of or publicly discussed, men go through the equivalent of menopause over a longer period of time, oftentimes beginning around the age of 30. This is known as “andropause.” The gradual decrease in testosterone, the major male hormone, causes men to go through physical and emotional changes; however, as one article stated, “‘women fall off a cliff’ while ‘men sort of roll down the hill.’” Men typically begin to lose sexual drive and other masculine characteristics and traits at a much slower rate then women who go through menopause.

Along with following a proper diet, exercise plan, getting adequate rest, and managing stress levels, men who experience andropause may wish to inquire about hormone replacement therapy. With the use of bioidentical hormones, a qualified and experienced physician can use this method of treatment in order correct hormone imbalance. At the practice of Dr. Kevin D. Light, patients are thoroughly examined and their medical history is taken into account when creating an appropriate treatment plan. Dr. Light understands that each patient has unique symptoms and hormone balance needs, which is why he customizes each patient’s treatment in order to help them regain a more productive and fulfilling lifestyle.

If you would like further information regarding bioidentical hormones, Dallas Dr. Light can be of great assistance. Be sure to visit his website to learn more and schedule an appointment.

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