Beauty Therapist Says “Yes” to More Cosmetic Surgery

therapist-extreme-makeoverAccording to the, 24-year old beauty therapist Chloe Loughlin in Surrey, England spent the equivalent of 34K U.S. dollars, which she borrowed to give herself a complete cosmetic makeover in installments starting at the tender age of 16.

Now, she claims she is not done yet! She first went from a B to an E cup with breast augmentation, and then up to a megawatt G cup – she says she just wanted to be a “little bit bigger.” Chloe went for lipo on her thighs, and admits to spending thousands more every year on her Botox ®, lip injections, facial fillers, teeth whitening, bleaching and hair extensions, spray tanning, laser hair removal, and acrylic nails. Her partner likes when other guys leer at her, and supports her choices.

At 24, Chloe is a man-remade version of her original self. She has taken out loans for everything she has had done and is in debt up to her botoxed brows. What is wrong with this picture? Her partner seems to almost be encouraging her to keep going, yet she claims that he “loves me the way I am.”

Girls, just say NO when it comes to reinventing yourself into a cheap tart, even if the man in your life thinks it’s just peachy. Looks like big-boobed, hair-extended, acrylic-nailed, and tanorexic Chloe may now need a “makeunder” to now reconnect with her true beauty.

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