Botox Injections Suspected Cause of 7 Year Old’s Death

Kristen SpearsOn November 24, 2007, 7 year old Kristen Spears passed away after suffering from cerebral palsy. Now, a little over two years later, her parents are suing Allergen, the makers of Botox ®, claiming that the seven rounds of injections are the cause of her death. Cerebral palsy affects children in infancy or early childhood, referring to any one of the numerous neurological disorders that cause restriction to body movement and muscle coordination.

What is Botox

Most commonly known to treat frown lines and wrinkles, Botox is a popular facial injection, made of Botulinum Toxin A. It is also used to help patients calm muscle spasms. Small amounts are injected into the spastic or stiff muscles, which then blocks transmission between the nerve and muscle. This helps relax the muscle and reduce stiffness, thus allowing therapists to stretch them and stimulate growth. In Spears’ case, it is being said that she was given high doses of Botox and the toxin spread throughout her body. However, Allergen stands by their product and claims that the injections helped ease her symptoms.

As it is saddening to hear of the child’s death, it is also a warning to those who undergo any type of treatment. With the pressure to maintain a youthful appearance at any age, many individuals opt for injectables to help slow the aging process. Therefore, in doing so, it is important to do research and become well informed before receiving treatment. Patients must be sure to consult a qualified medical professional.

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