The Booty Plastic Surgeon: Butt Enhancement via Lipo Fat Transfer

July 24th, 2008 Constantino Mendieta M.D. Posted in Body, Booty Plastic Surgeon, Butt Augmentation No Comments »

Dr. Mendieta Photo I am a board certified Miami plastic surgeon who is also widely known as the “Booty Plastic Surgeon.” Recently, Elana Pruitt of asked me a few questions regarding the popularity of butt enhancement after we met at the ASAPS show in San Diego. Here is a part of our conversation:

Elana Pruitt: Dr. Mendieta, why do you think butt enhancement has become so popular?

jennifer-lopez-green-dress.JPG Constantino Mendieta, M.D.: Well, the buttock wasn’t addressed for years because, really, there was more concentration on other body parts. Then there was Jennifer Lopez and the green dress, and I realized that there was nothing out there to really enhance the buttock area. The biggest misconception about butt enhancement surgery is that women want to make their butt bigger. But really what they want is to make it shapelier. That is why I have created my own system of evaluation: “Highlight Liposculpting and Lipo Fat Transfer.”

E.P.: What type of patients visit your practice for butt enhancement surgery?

C.M.: Patients of all cultural backgrounds and ethnicities come in for consultation, ranging in ages from 18 to 65. However, the bulk of the operations are performed on those in their late 20s, early 30s. Hispanics were always interested, and in the last couple of years there has been a 20% increase in blacks undergoing buttock enhancement. There are also more Caucasian patients interested in this procedure.

kim-kardashian-red-dress_003.jpg E.P.: Do you also use butt implants in addition to offering the fat transfer method?

C.M.: In the beginning, the implant was used because there was nothing else out there. It just made the butt bigger. Lipo-contouring allows me to use the patient’s own body fat, inject it into specific areas of the buttocks, and shape it much better with more creative freedom. In 2000, 70-80% of cases were with butt implants, and now the numbers have switched to 98% fat transfer.

E.P.: Do males also visit you for this butt enhancement surgery?

C.M.: Yes, 92% of the guys who come in share the complaint that they are tired of their pants falling off!

E.P.: What makes your specialty so unique?

C.M.: “Highlight Liposculpting and Lipo Fat Transfer” is an artistic concept: removing fat from selective areas to specially highlight and sculpt other areas, such as the hip and buttock area. This technique is a sexier, highlighted art, and it gives me a panoramic view – a 3-dimensional view – while creating these new curves.

E.P.: Do you predict that butt enhancement will eventually rise to the growth and popularity of breast augmentation?

C.M.: I think it will, but it’s a concept of re-sculpting the buttock. It still has a negative connotation. When you open the view of it, it’s more “pan-cultural.” Lipo is the #1 procedure across the world, so it’s just learning how to transfer the fat into the buttocks.

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