Good Grades Rewarded with Plastic Surgery

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Eyelid surgery (“blepharoplasty”) is a procedure designed to correct such problems as upper eye hooding and lower eye puffiness. Some patients opt for this procedure because they are experiencing vision impairment, which requires the excision of fat, muscle, and skin. Others simply want a wider-eyed appearance for cosmetic reasons.

While insurance may cover eyelid surgery if performed to help with obstructed vision, it is typically considered elective and is an out-of-pocket expense for the patient.

But what if you were able to undergo eyelid surgery simply for doing a good job in school? Well, it’s recently been reported that a South Korean University is rewarding students with their choice of plastic surgery. With hospitals taking advantage of this trend, offering good-size discounts for eye and nose operations (“rhinoplasty”), plastic surgery has been a universal interest; Americans are not the only population who desire cosmetic rejuvenation.

Many individuals of Asian descent turn to nose surgery for an upward tilt – a more “Westernized” appearance. And especially popular among young women, “double eyelid surgery” is performed to make their eyes look bigger. Dr. Sherman performs rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery on nearly all ethnicities, including Asian patients in the San Diego area.

More information regarding rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery in the San Diego area as well as Dr. Sherman’s expertise, can be found on his website,

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Vampire Face Lift – Dr. Maurice P. Sherman

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Halloween may have come and gone, but at Del Mar Cosmetic Medical Center in the San Diego area, Dr. Maurice P. Sherman is performing the “Vampire Face Lift.” The latest trend in facial rejuvenation, this method of wrinkle reduction is designed to help soften lines and skin tone, tighten skin, and provide a healthier-looking appearance.

During the procedure, Dr. Sherman takes the patient’s own blood products, using up to 8 ml of the Autologous Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) – the substance that helps fill in lines and wrinkles. Because the PRP is taken from the patient, there is no risk of allergic reaction or infection. Dr. Sherman states, “I am immensely excited by the potential of platelet-rich plasma, with its abundance of stem cells and growth factors, to enhance tissue healing, and now to profoundly affect rejuvenation mechanisms in aging skin and facial cells.” In addition, patients who undergo the “PRP Vampire Facelift,” as Dr. Sherman has termed the procedure, may anticipate no downtime, and minimal bruising and swelling. Results typically last one and a half to two years.

Those interested in this new facial treatment may visit Dr. Sherman’s website to learn more and schedule an appointment at Del Mar Cosmetic Medical Center. A more rejuvenated facial appearance is just a phone call away.

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Young Hollywood Wants to Stay Young

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Usually, a youthful appearance is often sought after by older generations; however, there has been a recent increase in younger patients wanting to maintain their smooth facial skin.

As a non-surgical procedure, Botox ® injections have become a popular treatment amongst actresses and models in their 20s. While those in their late 30s and 40s are looking to rejuvenate their facial appearance, the younger stars are trying to keep up with the slew of teenage newcomers.

When injected into the target area, Botox temporarily paralyzes the underlying muscles that cause lines, wrinkles, and creases. Results typically last between four to six months and touch-up sessions are needed to maintain an optimal outcome. But what happens when patients start their treatments at an early age? Some doctors have said that there have been patients who build up an immunity to Botox and results are no longer seen. This means that a young model at 20 who gets regular Botox injections may end up with a wrinkled appearance by the time she is in her 30s anyway.

The best way to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for Botox injections, facelift surgery or other facial treatments is by visiting with a qualified plastic surgeon.

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A “Botox Bandit?”

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Did you hear the story about the “Botox Bandit” – the Florida woman who bolted before paying up for her Botox ®, claiming she had left her credit card in the car?! The rightly suspicious doctor followed her out of the office only to find that she had fled the scene!

As it turns out, she came into his practice under a fake name so she could not be traced. Low and behold, the story lands on ABC News with two clear photos of the perp’s new newly-lineless face. Botox theft is a crime just like any other – it is a theft of services.

In most doctors’ offices, it would not fall under “petty theft” either. If your check bounces after you have had your $1,000 worth of injections, the doctor cannot exactly recall your Botox! I’m not sure who officially released these photos to the media, but I hope it wasn’t the doctor for whom the doctor-patient privilege would have to take precedence over filing charges.

Read the full story here

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Considering Plastic Surgery? You May Want To Rethink Your Smoking Habit!

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plastic surgery and smokingWhen the people who are ready to hand over thousands of dollars for cosmetic surgery procedures are denied during a consultation, they are left stunned. Many of them might even ask themselves if they are being discriminated against. My guess would be that many of them had serious health conditions, or have a history of tobacco use. What many people don’t realize is that smoking puts your health in great danger, especially when surgery and anesthesia are involved.

Smoking causes damage to the vascular system (veins and arteries) and puts people at greater risk for atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a disease that leads to the formation of plaques within the arteries. Plaques can also impede blood flow and lead to ischemic (lack of blood flow/ oxygen) events such as heart attacks and strokes.

Many plastic surgeons worry about a patient’s smoking history due to the high risk for adverse events during and after surgical procedures. Anesthesia becomes more dangerous, and the ability to heal properly is compromised. If you have had a plastic surgeon deny you service due to your smoking history, you should be thankful, not angry.

What many plastic surgeons will request is that an individual stop smoking several months (or weeks) prior to and following a plastic surgery procedure. This will decrease the risk of adverse events and optimize healing and recovery time. And of course, smoking cessation will also contribute to a more youthful complexion, and most important, a longer, healthier life.

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Botox Injections for Cosmetic and Medical Purposes

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Botox for cosmetic and medical purposes

At the turn of the century, the world of cosmetic and plastic surgery was revolutionized with the introduction of Botox ® Cosmetic, but people were alarmed when they realized what Botox really was. After all, the thought of injecting botulinum toxin into your face is kind of frightening. Well, thanks to modern medicine, proteins of botulinum toxin type A, diluted in saline, have been approved for the use of wrinkle reduction, and it bears the approval of the FDA.

Botox is unlike any cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery procedure on the market. As the number one non-surgical procedure performed in the United States; it has the best results for the money, and no down time. There is no pricey operating room or anesthesia charges attached. Botox is done with simple injections. Small areas of bruising and swelling can occur at the injection sites, but nothing worthy of stopping your daily routine. Don’t be alarmed when a youthful glow does not directly follow your procedure. The wrinkle-reducing effects of Botox may not be visible for a couple of days to a week following the injections.

So exactly where can Botox be injected? This non-surgical facial procedure is commonly injected into the glabellar region (area between the eyebrows) where frown lines develop. It can also be used to reduce crow’s feet, horizontal lines on the forehead, wrinkles of the upper lip, and the nasolabial fold. Some people even turn to Botox for migraines or to help with the problem of excessive sweating (“hyperhidrosis”).

Botox works by blocking acetylcholine in the muscle synapse. This, in turn, keeps the muscles from contracting and gives the skin a softer, wrinkle reduced appearance. The effects of Botox however are not permanent – this is good and bad. The good side is, if you don’t like the results, or something goes wrong with your injections, you should return to your baseline in a few months. The down side is, if you like the results, you will need to have injections every 4 to 9 months to maintain your new appearance.

The one issue I would caution you against when considering Botox, however, is choosing the right doctor. You should ask yourself: Who will be performing the injections? Botox is a simple procedure when performed by the right person. This facial injectable should only be performed by physicians or mid-level practitioners such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners trained specifically in dealing with Botox. Be sure that your injections will not be performed by your physician’s nurse or medical assistant.

What are your thoughts on Botox?

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