Dr. Vanek’s Humanitarian Efforts in Haiti

Dr. Vanek operating in HaitiFor many years, doctors have offered their expert medical services to less fortunate areas throughout the world. Whether they are associated with the Doctors Without Borders organization, or do so on their own account, medical specialists from all over the United States are lending a helping hand where needed.

Numerous physicians and surgeons visit disaster-stricken areas in order to aid those in need of medical attention. Oftentimes, these are countries where there are not enough resources to assist the several men, women, and children who are injured. Many times, both visiting and local doctors are only given the bare minimum in equipment and staff, making it difficult for some patients to be seen right away.

However, the dedicated medical professionals go well beyond the norm to make sure that all affected individuals are seen and treated. Those who suffer from burns or disfiguring injuries can benefit from the assistance of a plastic surgeon. By receiving skin grafts and undergoing other plastic surgery procedures, patients may avoid living with life-long reminders of the incident.

Surgeons Help in Haiti

Dr. Vanek and team of surgeons from Sweden in HaitiAfter a terrible earthquake devastated Haiti in January, several doctors and other medical staff headed out to help. One of these specialists was Paul Vanek, M.D., F.A.C.S. of Mentor, Ohio; Dr. Vanek is double board certified and has been practice for more than 10 years. Upon hearing of the lack of medical assistance being provided to those injured in the earthquake, Dr. Vanek cleared his schedule and left for Haiti. His experience and training allowed him to help several victims who may have otherwise never been treated. In particular, many were amputee patients who required immediate attention. Due to his efforts in Haiti, the Ohio surgeon was appointed as the Keynote Speaker at the United Way of Lake County conference in April.

Dr. Vanek specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, including facelift surgery, breast augmentation, breast implants and liposuction surgery. Patients who seek to enhance their facial or body contour may visit Dr. Vanek to learn more regarding their options with plastic surgery.

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