Heidi Montag: Addicted To Plastic Surgery

Despite the fact that her recent 10 procedures in 1 day plastic surgery spree nearly killed her, Heidi Montag, the 23-year-old reality TV star told “Access Hollywood” that she is open to having more.

“I almost died after my procedure,” Montag said. “I had too much Demerol like Michael Jackson did and my breathing was five breaths per minute which is like almost dead. [I was] in an aftercare center, there were nurses that were supposed to be tending to me at all times.”

“So thank God, Charles, one of my security guys used to be an EMT, and he was timing my breath on his watch and he called the nurses,” she added. “They had to put oxygen on my face and called my plastic surgeon to come in for an emergency. So, it was a very traumatic experience for me.”

Montag began having plastic surgery in 2007. Her first bevy of procedures included breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and collagen lip injections.

In November of 2009, she had her second breast enlargement to a DDD, brow lift, Botox in forehead, liposuction on waist, hips and thighs, nose job revised, fat injections into her cheeks and lips, chin reduction, neck liposuction, buttock augmentation and had her ears pinned back. Montag also claims she is willing to take the risk in order to have even larger breasts.

“I actually want [size] H for ‘Heidi’,” the MTV star recently told the entertainment show, “Extra.”

Though Montag has stated that she is not addicted to cosmetic surgery, most psychologists and plastic surgeons would suggest otherwise.

“…Fundamentally, when somebody goes on for many, many, many procedures, and starts at a young age, they’re trying to change something about themselves, they want to become a new person…The bottom line is they want to in some way change who they are because they’re not happy with it at the core,” said Debbie Then, a California-based psychologist who specializes in women and appearance.

Patients interested in the effectiveness and risks of having multiple procedures can contact plastic surgeons such as Houston breast augmentation surgeon, Dr. Michael Eisseman, who offer specialized consultations for multiple-procedure patients. It is important for patients to remember that numerous factors, such as age, body type and health history are crucial in determining if a prospective patient is even eligible for multiple plastic surgery procedures.

Since the surgeries, Montag is now starting to experience diminishing pain as well as regaining most of the movement in her face.

“I’m starting to move my face more and more,” she said. “[But,] I feel very plastic … especially when I first came out, it was so hard for me even to smile and it’s still hard for me to chew sometimes. But it’s feeling more and more natural everyday because the swelling is going down.”

“I do love it and I appreciate it and I appreciate the science behind it,” she explained. “We [are] blessed to even have this surgery that we have. We’re so advanced. If Cleopatra were alive now, I’m sure she’d have triple D’s … there’s always been a struggle between pain and beauty. I feel like since the beginning of time.”

For now, however, Montag is content with her recent breast implants surgery and hopes to show them in Playboy, having previously posed for the magazine’s September 2009 cover.

“I’m beyond ready to do it again,” she said.

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