Ooouuuch! Does It Have to Hurt to Be Beautiful?

ooooch_picThe subject of pain is, well, painful. If asked, aesthetic patients can relay and re-live the jabs, stings, heat, and aches they experienced when attempting to turn back the clock or keep the current clock ticking along – while preventing signs of aging. Some patients experience office visits that they described as pure torture and ran for the hills, never to return again and swearing off beauty modification forever.

However, much has been improved upon in the art of painless beauty. The laser technologies that rid patients of unwanted hair, spots, tattoos, wrinkles, and unsightly veins are faster and many of these methods include advanced cooling systems for optimal comfort. And these days, new injectable techniques turn have allowed physicians to provide a more gentle procedure . Even wrinkle fillers now include a numbing substance. Or, if they don’t, physicians now have the most advanced blasts, creams, and pain blocks to make this aesthetic experience tolerable and even uneventful. Even men can tolerate it!

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