Thank You, Lisa Rinna

lisa-rinnaNow that Lisa Rinna has publicly stepped up to admit her overindulgence in what she claims is “Juvéderm,” it leaves us to wonder: Does she really think we believe she got those bee sting lips from a little Juvéderm overkill? I think not. To the untrained eye, big lips say fillers. But to those in the know, it looks like more than a little innocent hyaluronic acid.

Some think she might have had a surgical lip enhancement or some form of implant to make those lips look so large and in charge.

Perhaps it’s just another case of an actress trying to rejuvenate her career by going on Reality TV and gaining publicity by admitting that she has had some enhancements along the way. Too much of a good thing isn’t pretty, but celebs coming clean about their “natural” looks is really a BEAUTIFUL THING. Thank you Lisa, you score points with us by at least coming forward!

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