The Best and Worst Diet

With so many diet plans promising to help someone lose the weight and shed excess pounds, it is tough to find the one that actually works.

In order to tackle each of the most popular diets around, U.S. and World Report assembled a panel of 22 experts in heart disease, diabetes, and exercise to review 20 diets. They examined each of the diets and separated them into categories; Best Diets Overall, Best Commercial Diet Plans, Best Weight-Loss Diets, Best Diabetes Diets, and Best Heart-Healthy Diets.

Voted the Best Weight-Loss Diet and Best Commercial Diet Plan was Weight Watchers, which is a program that encourages weight control and the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

The Ornish Diet, which is a low-fat, high in fiber, and vegetarian-focused diet was voted the Best Heart-Healthy Diet. It encourages the mind-body experience through the integration of yoga, meditation, and exercise.

The DASH diet was voted the Best Diabetes Diet and is tied in first place with the MediterraneanĀ DietĀ for Best Diets Overall.

Some of the worst diets that were examined included the Atkins diet, Glycemic Index Diet, and the Paleo Diet.

Overall, the key to effective weight loss – losing the desired weight and keeping it off – is slow weight loss. The weight was not put on overnight, so it only makes sense to lose the weight over a period of time.

For those who have tried just about every diet out there and have yet to see results, the San Antonio weight loss experts at HealthNet Laser & Skin work with individuals to formulate personalized diet plans.

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