Vampire Face Lift – Dr. Maurice P. Sherman

Halloween may have come and gone, but at Del Mar Cosmetic Medical Center in the San Diego area, Dr. Maurice P. Sherman is performing the “Vampire Face Lift.” The latest trend in facial rejuvenation, this method of wrinkle reduction is designed to help soften lines and skin tone, tighten skin, and provide a healthier-looking appearance.

During the procedure, Dr. Sherman takes the patient’s own blood products, using up to 8 ml of the Autologous Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) – the substance that helps fill in lines and wrinkles. Because the PRP is taken from the patient, there is no risk of allergic reaction or infection. Dr. Sherman states, “I am immensely excited by the potential of platelet-rich plasma, with its abundance of stem cells and growth factors, to enhance tissue healing, and now to profoundly affect rejuvenation mechanisms in aging skin and facial cells.” In addition, patients who undergo the “PRP Vampire Facelift,” as Dr. Sherman has termed the procedure, may anticipate no downtime, and minimal bruising and swelling. Results typically last one and a half to two years.

Those interested in this new facial treatment may visit Dr. Sherman’s website to learn more and schedule an appointment at Del Mar Cosmetic Medical Center. A more rejuvenated facial appearance is just a phone call away.

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